How To Grow And Maintain A Bonsai Tree

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Shaping and dwarfing are accomplished through a few basic but precise techniques. The small size of the tree and the dwarfing of foliage are maintained through a consistent regimen of pruning of both the leaves and the roots. Various methods must be employed, as each species of tree exhibits different budding behavior. Additionally, some pruning Read More

Pictionary Editions

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Pictionary has been a popular party starter since its first publication in the early 80s. Now the property of Hasbro and Mattel, Pictionary is an entire board game and franchise that has appeared in many different editions. Classic Pictionary was the most popular party attraction at the time of its release, but has since been Read More

The 5 Green Juice Recipe

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If you are looking for the Five Green Juice recipe, I can assume that you are also interested in weight loss. In fact, the 5 Green Juice is also one of the most popular vegetable juice recipes with outstanding results for weight loss and detox. This recipe was originated from the traditional Chinese wisdom. In Read More

7 Top Tips for Safe and Effective Squatting

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The Squat has earned the title, 'King of Exercises' and rightly so. No other exercise hits the muscle as hard as a good solid set of squats. No other single exercise can get the lungs and heart racing like the squat. No other single exercise can stimulate growth like the squat. If you're not squatting Read More

Solo Fishing

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Having grown up in the flat lands of the south all I fished were lakes. My parents had a couple acres on a lake and I spent my formative years fishing for large-mouth bass and blue gill. My methods must have appeared primitive by many people's standards. I started off with a cane pole fishing Read More

A Meaning to Life for a Meaningful Life

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Once I was asked by my friend, “Who loves you the most?” I replied: “My parents-without a second thought.” He asked again: “Apart from them?” Left baffled, I thought it’d be better to say: “I am not sure.” His curiosity wanted to dig further: “Do you have a friend who can come to help you Read More

Don’t Be Confused About Low Carb Diets – 7 Key Points Explained

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With all of the conflicting studies and fuzzy interpretation of information, it’s no wonder that confusion reigns when it comes to the value and safety of low-carb diets. It seems like heated debates are raging everywhere! Whether it’s Atkins, the South Beach or some other low-carb plan, as many as 30 million Americans are following Read More

Using Your Slow Cooker to Bake

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Do you know that you can actually bake in your slow cooker? A lot of people are not aware of this because they assume that only the oven can be used to bake the things that they want. There are some things that you can cook much easier with the use of your slow cooker Read More

7 Ideas for Mixed Media Art

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If you are having trouble getting started with your mixed media art or need some ideas of what to do next or simply want to try a new technique or material, here is an idea-generating list to read through. You can use any combination of these ideas or put your own twist on them. 1. Read More